African Synergy is 21 years old!

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On 15 November 2002, in the face of the health, social and development challenges confronted by our continent, My Sisters, First Ladies and I, decided to mobilise and commit ourselves.

And so AFRICAN SYNERGY against AIDS and Suffering was born, to serve the most disadvantaged among us.

21 years later, on 15 November 2023, the challenges remain. And so does our commitment. Strong, powerful and unshakeable.

We have every reason to be legitimately proud of the ground we’ve covered and the results we’ve achieved alongside national and international public authorities.

We are committed in several areas. Firstly, in the fight against major communicable and non-communicable diseases; the promotion of the rights of vulnerable people: women, children, the elderly, people with disabilities; access to education for all, especially young girls. Then we embraced broader, and therefore more complex, issues: equality between men and women, reducing the digital divide and protecting the environment.

In short, since 2002 we have spared no effort to make our human environments safer and more fulfilling for everyone.

Despite a difficult economic climate, AFRICAN SYNERGY, this exhilarating and unique human adventure, continues serenely on its way.

On this 21st anniversary, I would like to pay a heartfelt tribute to the many people on the continent and around the world who follow and support the activities of our Association.

I also spare a thought for our sister Hadja CONDE DJENE KABA, former First Lady of Guinea, whom the Almighty called to Himself on 8 April 2023.

She left an indelible mark on the life of African Synergy.

May her memory live forever.

As far as I am concerned, as long as God gives me the strength and with the invaluable support of My Spouse, President Paul BIYA, I will always be at your side, resolutely committed to continuing My fight for a more united and inclusive world.

That is the meaning of my commitment.

                Chantal BIYA

         First Lady of Cameroon

Founding President of African Synergy

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